Land of the Dead Sun going on Hiatus

Hello everyone, The title of this chapter says it all, however, I wanted a bit of explanation to go out with this. I am not abandoning this project, so if any of you have been enjoying it, do not worry it will be back. The last week I was out most of the week dealing […]

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Temporary Hiatus

Please Note due to some medical issues in the family we are on hiatus until 2/22/2021

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 18: Ambush

The next 10 days provided the group with a relatively peaceful and relaxing ride through the beautiful woodlands. The darkness of the woods seemed to have lifted, Y’smir believed it to be the work of the Court of Stars. “Their job is to banish that which is unnatural from our world. They care little for […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 17: The Calm Before

Azoloth and Trinsic were sitting cross-legged several feet away from a campfire as Y’smir used a pot from one saddlebag to cook up a stew. After their ordeal with the Wild Hunt, all three had decided to rest for a time. Hunting wild game within the Roanwood was easy, and soon they had bagged several […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 16: The Court of Stars

“You see, my dear,” The tall woman said as she sashayed towards Azoloth, her hips swinging back and forth. She wore a silvery dress that seemed nearly translucent as if it were made of spider silk. The dress was low cut and clung to her slender figure as she moved.  “Leave him be,” Y’smir cut […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 15: The Wild Hunt

Azoloth opened his eyes, feeling something cool pressing to his face, and he felt the familiar weight of Crimson at his side. Blinking several times, his eyes focused on the face of Y’smir smiling down to him. She is rather beautiful, in an unconventionally cute way, he thought to himself as he smiled. He realized […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 14: Druidic Curses

  “Trouble,” said Y’smir as she looked ahead into the forest. It had only been a day since the trio had left the Druidic Grove. Y’smir’s magic had cleansed the grove, or so she claimed, and said it would serve one day as a refuge for those who wished to escape the Emberwood. She rode […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Poetic Interlude I: Prophecy

Hello all, I am sorry there is no new chapter today. It is my 5 year wedding anniversary. However, not wanting to leave you empty-handed here is a prophecy.  The following prophecy is said to have been found in the elven ruins in the Crater of Fallen Tears. This claim has not been able to […]

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Land of the Dead Sun: Chapter 13- Y’smir

“Idiot,” the girl standing before Azoloth and Trinsic said. After the battle, both men had pulled themselves up off the ground. Azoloth had made it to the altar first, while Trinsic was still looking down at his chest. Cutting her free, she had climbed down from the altar, addressing them both but looking at Trinsic. […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 12: Blood Moon

Seven days and uncounted miles away from the battle with the Shadow fiends, the Roanwood thinned. Ahead of the pair came an eerie red glow. Azoloth and Trinsic looked at each other with some concern as Stravos and Hamilton were brought to a stop by their riders. “What the fuck is that?” Trinsic asked. “I […]

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